Burn more calories in less time - add all the benefits of cardiovascular fitness to your Pilates workout with AeroPilates. Condition, sculpt and tone your body in just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week.
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Total Gym Fit

All you need is 20 minutes a day - to lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness. Over 80 different exercises on one machine! With over 75 years of fitness industry experience, Total Gym is here to take your next step with you.
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Bowflex Max Trainer

The most effective full body, low impact cardio workout in just 14 minutes, guaranteed! Burn more in less time, easy and intuitive, and virtually zero impact. Save time with the breakthrough 14-minute Max Interval workout or choose from 9 other pre-programmed workouts.
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Walk or run to lose weight and burn calories from your own home. The small but powerful 1HP motor lets you choose your own pace from 1-10km/h.
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Energym is a system aimed at retrieving the energy usually spent by gym users in all gym equipment. Replacing all the strain regulators
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Smooth Duo X-Bike 360

SMOOTH Duo X-Bike Recumbent & Upright Foldable Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands. This upright bike lets you bring the professional experience of a gym workout to the comfortable privacy of your own home.
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Tapfit is a total body workout! TAPfit engages your core and all major muscle groups in your legs and buttocks. Plus our TAPtoner resistance band means you will tone and sculpt your arms and upper body.
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