My Pillow

The first night you fall asleep on one of our Premium pillows you'll understand why over 1 million people have fallen in love with "The World's Most Comfortable Pillow", MyPillow® Premium.
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Hollywood Pants

Hollywood Pants transform your body in seconds to make you look thinner! Hollywood Pants are the brand new high-waisted pants with a double layer waistband that make you look thinner, instantly.
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Pain Erazor

The incredible innovation in drug free pain relief. With just a press of a button, you can get the relief you’ve been looking for. An effective way to soothe and relieve pain without using medication.
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RxGenesys has been doctor-formulated using time-tested botanical ingredients, advanced patented anti-aging technologies, and bio-boosted by our RxG302 Molecule, to give your skin professional grade results.
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Wheyless is a decadently flavoured, nutrient-dense smoothie made from high quality whey protein to delight your taste buds and support you in reaching your health goals.
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Hollywood Contour

Ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities always have perfect skin? The secret is makeup contouring and you can now get professional looking contouring results at home with the Hollywood Contour Kit. Developed as a comprehensive contouring system with products to correct, contour and highlight skin.
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Dr Ho Circulation Promoter

DR–HO'S Circulation Promoter with 2 Pad Pain Therapy System is designed to help improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate aching feet and legs, and relieve pain, tension and stiffness.
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Derma Wand

Look as young as you feel with DermaWand DermaWand employs radio frequency technology similar to the large clinical machines used by medical and skincare specialists, but with a lower frequency and amplitude, thats perfect for daily home use!
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Undercover Agent Anti-Wrinkle Protecting Serum contains the most potent concentration of Swiss Alpine Rose, our signature Swiss bio-botanical active ingredient, to combat all signs of aging while addressing short and long term hydration needs for a glowing complexion and more youthful-looking appearance.
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Contours Rx

Contours Rx helps people of all ages rediscover their inner and outer beauty without resorting to surgery.
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