Nuwave PIC

The NuWave PIC Induction Cooktop - safe, affordable, eco-friendly, and portable induction cooking system. State of the art safety features prevent fire or burns.
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Swivel Sweeper Max

Take your cleaning experience to the Max with Swivel Sweeper Max! It's rechargeable, cordless, 'touchless' dirt tray and has stronger pole for more control!
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Shark Rotator NV750

With just a push of a button, the Shark Rotator instantly transforms into a Powered Lift-Away™ vacuum – extending the reach of the motorized cleaning head under hard-to-reach areas. Deep clean around, behind, and under any hard-to-reach area in your home, all at your fingertips.
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Cerafit Pan

Cerafit GOLD Ceramic Cookware is said to be non stick, dishwasher safe cookware that can be indispensible to your kitchen.
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Hurricane Spin Mop

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop dries, cleans and polishes. Its thousands of thirsty microfibre fingers absorb practically anything and everything leaving your floor spotless.
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Shark Rocket

The advanced cyclonic technology separates fine dirt from the air, preventing dirt from clogging the filters and keeping suction power strong over time. From the first use to the last room, you never lose cleaning power.
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H20 HD

From the makers of the H20 X5, the number one best selling steam mop in the world, the H20HD has been awarded the prestigious parented tested, parent-approved award. It uses no toxic chemicals and cleans using just the power water.
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Power Pressure Cook

Enjoy the taste of those all-day slow cooked, labour-intensive recipes without the time, the work or the wait with one amazing push button of Power Pressure Cooker!
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Cook up to 10 times faster with FlavorMaster! Flavorful easy meals in just minutes!
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Nicer Dicer Fusion

The versatile food preparation station that slices, dices, chops, juliennes, shreds, cubes, and quarters all in one kitchen set that prepares food and family meals, faster than you ever thought possible!
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Magic Cut

The Magic Cut Knife of rugged stainless steel in G-NOX-quality stand out for their extreme sharpness and excellent cutting properties, thus ensuring accurate results with every cut.
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EUROBED is the luxury size inflatable airbed that’s convenient, portable and the ultimate in comfort. This versatile air bed makes it easy for you to host guests in any room of your home at a moment's notice.
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Kool Grill

Kool Grill is the ultimate lightweight, portable charcoal BBQ. All you need is a lighter gel and a handful of charcoal.
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Flavorstone Infusion Grill

Bring the Great Outdoor BBQ Indoors with the Amazing Power of FlavorStone InfusionGrill™
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Gotham Steel

Are you tired of food sticking to the pan? Try to scrape it off and end up scratching your pan? Use Gotham Steel, the newest technology in non-stick cookware. Made with ceramic and super strong titanium.
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Perfect Cooker

Make healthy, perfectly cooked rice, pastas, soups & more in just minutes in the portable Perfect Cooker. One-Pot, One-Touch Technology makes it easier than ever!
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Copper Chef

From Stove Top to Oven to Table, the Copper Chef works on all stove tops! And the Creami-tech non-stick coating enables you to cook without butter and oils.
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Bissell Revolution

At BISSELL, we’re committed to clean. Being committed to clean is important, because cleaning goes much deeper than the dirt you can see. From bacteria and dust mites, to pet dander, pollen and ragweed, every home faces problems. That’s why BISSELL’s Healthy Home line of products offers a range of innovative solutions.
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Aero Fryer

The Cooklite™ Aero Fryer is the amazing kitchen miracle that uses air to fry instead of oil. Now you can have the same delicious flavour and crispiness as deep frying. You can now cook with little or no oil.
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Air Roaster

Cook anything that is oven safe and even cook frozen food straight from the freezer - saving you both time and effort. With a 10L Capacity, roast an entire chicken and vegetables for the whole family in just 30 minutes.
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Nicer Dicer Magic Cube

Nicer Dicer Magic Cube by Genius is the one machine with endless possibility! Dice, slice, grate, chop in just seconds.
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Tutty Fruity

Tutty Fruity is the revolutionary machine which, in seconds, conjures up creamy, low-calorie and low-fat frozen desserts which taste great and are actually good for you!
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Red Copper Pan

The Red Copper Fry Pan combines nonstick ceramic plus copper to deliver effortless food release plus scratch-resistant durability.
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Hurricane Spin Scrubber

The new, cordless, super-fast cleaning tool that makes quick work of tough messes in the most hard to reach places. Power through dirt, grime, mould, calcium, and water stains like never before.
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Pressure King Pro

Take the pressure off meal time with Pressure King Pro. Cook nutritious, flavour-filled meals fast up to 90% faster. With just a touch of a button, you'll have delicious meals on the table in minutes, not hours.
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Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Baking is just the beginning. With 10 speeds and more than 10 available attachments, our legendary Stand Mixer can whip up everything from pasta to ice cream, sausages to salsa and so much more.
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Turbo Scrub 360

The Turbo Scrub's powerful head rotates at over 300 revolutions per minute so you can scrub and clean with minimal effort.
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Hurricane Spin Broom

Hurricane Spin Broom is a cordless, lightweight spinning broom that cleans up every mess with ease!
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Nuwave Oven

The Nu Wave Oven combines conduction, convention, infrared and a patented 3 way booking system to cook your foods more quickly and thoroughly. Dishwasher safe and easy to use.
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