The Professional Nibbler

The Professional Nibbler is taking the hard work out of cutting sheet metal. It can easily be attached to electric or battery powered drills for free handed or bench mounted drilling of corrugated iron, car body work and/or stainless steel.
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Paint Runner

The Renovator Paint Runnerô Pro is the NEW quick and easy professional paint roller system to get the job done - with no mess, drips or splatter. Just fill it with up to 1L of paint and you can have a wall painted in 5 minutes.
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Artu Drill Bits

The ARTU German Drill bits are suitable for all materials. Concrete, masonry hardened steel, glass, ceramic, wood and many other surfaces can be drilled easily.
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The secret to minimax is the advanced new technology of the lithium cobalt battery that enables this pocket rocket to charge almost any device and even jumpstart dead car batteries. Smaller than a cellphone that fits in your purse or glove box for quick, portable power on the go.
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Extra Pair Of Hands

Extra Pair of Handsô is a must-have clamping system that replicates a number of different clamps, all in one easy-to-use device. Hold any item, even awkward shapes, in your clamp leaving you with both your hands free to work with.
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Transforma Ladder

Most jobs require more than one ladder. With the Transforma, you get up to 35 different ladders in one portable, compact, easy-to-use unit. Get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can't reach.
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Clearview Cam

Ever had an issue with a car damage claim? Clearview Cam is the personal security camera for your car that can save you a lot of money. If it's not your fault, prove it!
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Go Go TV Stick

The Future of Television With Your GoGo Smart TV. GoGo TV gives you instant access to over 1 million apps without charging you a fortune!
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Skim Guard

SkimGuard utilises the technology developed by NCPA to guard against skimming, and protect your personal and financial details.
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Atomic Beam

Atomic Beam isnít a regular torch Ė itís been developed to be super bright and super tough. 5 modes provide additional flexibility not available in normal torches.
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Worx GT

The WORX GT2.0 is a powerful grass trimmer, a precision edger, and even a mini-mower -- all in one lightweight, maneuverable, cordless machine. It adjusts to you, and to the challenges of your garden, for professional results every time.
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Clever Cane

The Clever Cane infomercial claims that Clever Cane is the ideal solution for people who wants a more stable and reliable cane that is portable enough to be carried anywhere especially on travels.
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Air Dragon

Air Dragon is the new portable, fuss-free way to fill your tyres with air. It takes the fear and guesswork out of over-or-under inflating your tyres with its easy-to-use, auto-stop feature
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Renovator Better Grip

Introducing Better Grip, The multi-purpose wrench set that can tighten or loosen just about anything.
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