Burn more calories in less time - add all the benefits of cardiovascular fitness to your Pilates workout with AeroPilates. Condition, sculpt and tone your body – in just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week.
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Wonder Cooker

Best Oven Roasting & Stovetop Cooking Experience - Both pans are coated with Ceramic non stick coating - not even burnt food sticks to the surface and food lifts out effortlessly.
Danoz Direct  / 1800 808 938  /

Total Gym Fit

All you need is 20 minutes a day - to lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness. Over 80 different exercises on one machine! With over 75 years of fitness industry experience, Total Gym is here to take your next step with you.
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H20 HD

From the makers of the H20 X5, the number one best selling steam mop in the world, the H20HD has been awarded the prestigious parented tested, parent-approved award. It uses no toxic chemicals and cleans using just the power water.
Danoz Direct  / 1800 808 938  /

Bowflex Max Trainer

The most effective full body, low impact cardio workout in just 14 minutes, guaranteed! Burn more in less time, easy and intuitive, and virtually zero impact. Save time with the breakthrough 14-minute Max Interval workout or choose from 9 other pre-programmed workouts.
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Transforma Ladder

Most jobs require more than one ladder. With the Transforma, you get up to 24 different ladders in one portable, compact, easy-to-use unit. Get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can't reach.
Brand Developers  / 1800 477 777  /

TIVA Heater

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of sunshine both indoors and out - even in rain, fog, wind or snow!
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Does It All Drill

Introducing The Renovator Does It All Drill Bits! Just one bit designed to do it all!
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Walk or run to lose weight and burn calories from your own home. The small but powerful 1HP motor lets you choose your own pace from 1-10km/h.
Brand Developers  / 1800 477 777  /

Kleva Cut

This Japanese Vamolcrium steel 6 piece knife set incorporates the 6 most essential and versatile knives for your kitchen.
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Miracle Magnetic Duster

The Miracle Magnetic Duster attracts dust like a magnet! It bends and extends to clean all those hard to reach places!
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Super Sleeper Pro

GET A PERFECT NIGHTS SLEEP!The worlds most comfortable mattress topper, giving you the best sleep you have ever had! Stop waking each other up!
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Miracle Chef Airfryer Oven

Enjoy the amazing way to cook food with little to no oil using the Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven. Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven replaces 7 kitchen appliances in one convenient and easy to use counter-top oven.
Global Shop Direct  / 1300 788 771  /

Bissell Revolution Pet

At BISSELL, we’re committed to clean. Being committed to clean is important, because cleaning goes much deeper than the dirt you can see. From bacteria and dust mites, to pet dander, pollen and ragweed, every home faces problems. That’s why BISSELL’s Healthy Home line of products offers a range of innovative solutions.
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Teeter Inversion Table

Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment, building a reputation for incomparable quality standards, testing and marketing efforts. Roger Teeter has built a company where excellent customer service and quality are paramount.
TVSN  / 132310  /


With 5 rugged and handy tool heads, the VersaMax replaces a whole tool shed of appliances, all in a compact and lightweight package.
New Style Direct  / 1800 300 349  /

Perfect Fit Bed

Sleep better and wake up feeling better with Perfect Fit Adjustable Massage Bed.
Brand Developers  / 1800 477 777

Sumo Slicer

This fast, efficient hand powered rotary grater comes with 3 different drums a medium shredder, super slicer and a course grater making it the ultimate tool for creating delicious dishes or desserts!
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

ProSkin Slim Sportwear

Slim by Proskin anti-cellulite slimming range provides an innovative new way to smooth and shape your body.
TVSN  / 132310  /


Do you find that getting the movement that you need to get fit and healthy is a challenge? With Powerfit Cubii now you can get fit whilst you sit. It’s a seated elliptical for any home or office which is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you can join the workout of the future.
Brand Developers  / 1800 477 777  /

SaraMia Bra

The SaraMia™ bra is so supportive and flattering, yet so comfortable, you won't even know you're wearing a bra! The secret is the double conforming, lifting straps.
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Eazzzy Mattress Topper

The Eazzzy Mattress Topper transforms the mattress you already have, into the cooler, more supportive and incredibly comfortable sleep system of your dreams.
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Every Comfort Pillow

The world’s first adjustable pillow with cooling technology! If you prefer a thicker or firmer pillow, you will love how Every Comfort arrives thick and plump. If you prefer a thinner, lower profile pillow, simply take out the amount of filling to make it the exact size, height and shape you like.
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100

TEBO Massage Chair

Introducing the TEBO Elite Massage Chair the state of the art robotic massage chair that’s designed to put your mind and body in an amazing stress free state of relaxation – so it can properly heal and repair itself all whilst enjoying a luxurious, professional full body massage, right in the privacy of your own home!
Brand Developers  / 1800 477 777  /

Trusted Butcher Knives

The Trusted Butcher professional Chef Knife is engineered with Super Steel that is sharper than your regular knives! With the perfectly balanced blade and ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and control, Truster Butcher Chef Knife will tackle any job in your kitchen, from rock hard frozen meats, to the most delicate fruit.
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Soup Chef

Just one appliance does it all. Soup Chef sautes, cooks, blends and keeps soup warm for up to two hours. Serve straight from the Soup Chef with no ladles, and no mess.
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Diamond Earth Cookware

Diamond Earths unique Greblon coating allows you to cook without fats and oils to prevent sticking, making for healthier cooking and easier cleaning. The Non-stick coating is PFOA Free ensuring your food is safe from unwanted, harmful chemicals.
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Handz Drill N Screw Driver

Handz Drill N Screwdriver is the portble, cordless, rechargeable drill that you need for every task! The ultimate all in one tool for around the home, the office, and all your D.I.Y projects.
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Bissell Crosswave Max

No need to vacuum and then mop. The BISSELL® CrossWave® Cordless Max combines chores by vacuuming and washing floors at the same time, picking up both wet and dry mess all at once - saving you time and effort.
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Perfect Pro Pan

The Perfect Pro Pan is a premium long lasting pan at an affordable price. The secret is in the sturdy six layer non-stick and stainless steel construction.
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Ventus Dual-Tech

If you're looking for a heating, cooling, humidifying and air purifying solution you need the all new Ventus Dual Tech. Just plug it in.. turn it on.. then choose the perfect temperature. You can control the climate in any room in your home... anytime, anywhere!
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NY Gem

Welcome to the world of NY Gems....a jewellery collection infused with the vitality, spirit, and hottest trendsetting fashions of New York City. NY Gems believes that all women are beautiful, smart and savvy and seek an authentic expression of their style.
TVSN  / 132310  /

H20 e3

Supercharge the water you drink and the salt you eat into an all-natural, super cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing solution called S-Water™.
Danoz Direct  / 1800 808 938  /

Copper Chef

From Stove Top to Oven to Table, the Copper Chef works on all stove tops! And the Creami-tech non-stick coating enables you to cook without butter and oils.
Danoz Direct  / 1800 808 938  /

Scratch Solution

Scratch Solution is the unique scratch repair system, specially formulated to reduce surface scratches, scrapes & scuff marks from the paint work of vehicles!
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Power Smokeless Grill

The Power Smokeless Grill is the amazing, electric, indoor grill that gives you the chargrilled taste and look that you love, just like an outdoor barbeque, but without all the barbeque smoke.
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Calming Heat

Calming Heat combines the benefits of weighted pressure and massage, in a large heating pad. The heat is absorbed into the weighted clay bead filling and, combined with massaging vibrations, they deliver soothing heat and pressure therapy into muscles and joints.
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Gutter Cleaner

The Telescopic Kleva Gutter Cleaner Pro is the safer, faster, easier way to clean your gutters. Now you can blast away leaves, mess and dirt quickly and easily with both feet firmly planted on the ground.
Take Two  / 02 9387 4100  /

Slim Cycle

Slim Cycle is the revolutionary, 2 in 1 fitness system that combines cardio training with strength resistance, for a full body workout in one dynamic, comfortable machine.
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LegXercise Pro is the revolutionary patented machine that uses continuous automatic leg movement to promote healthy circulation the natural drug free way!
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Pilates Pro Chair

Discover Pilates - this low impact form of exercise is designed to help contribute to improving posture and co-ordination, enhance dynamic stability and create a balance between strength and flexibility.
TVSN  / 132310  /

Wonder Core Genius

Wonder Core Genius is the multifunctional, interchangeable fitness system that transforms into 10 different pieces of exercise equipment with over 100 great exercises you can do at home.
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Kirk''s Folly Jewellery

Kirks Folly has created a world of fantasy jewelry, home accessories and clothing that reflect the Kirks belief that Dreams really do come true. The collection covers a wide spectrum of themes-from fantasy to romance to storybook legends.
TVSN  / 132310  /

Hoover Smartwash

The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner eliminates the guesswork with Automatic Cleaning Technology that makes carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming. Wash carpet by simply pushing forward to clean and pulling back to dry.
Techtronic Industry  / 1300 962 445  /

Active Superblends

Build your optimal health and wellness on a solid base with FOUNDATION Phyto Superblend.
TVSN  / 132310  /

Lip Boost

LipBoost is the safe, non-invasive and easy way to get fuller, smoother, more fabulous lips. Just apply LipBoost like a lip balm and the creamy, hyaluronic acid treatment will boost the volume of your lips, making them plumper, softer, and more hydrated.
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H2O Vac Pro

In today’s day and age, consistent deep cleaning has never been more important, and the H2O VAC™ Pro puts professional cleaning in the palm of your hand. Why spend a fortune on disposable dusters, mops, paper towels, and more? Use the amazing VAC™ Pro time and again on all of lifes messes!
Danoz Direct  /

Copper Chef Titan Pan

Copper Chef teamed up with Chef Jet Tila to create a pro-grade pan. This is the perfect union of nonstick and stainless steel. A breakthrough in cooking technology that will take you every step of the way to make perfect meals.
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